Doggie day care North London

Fun for your dog and peace of mind for you

Do your daily responsibilities get in the way of caring for your dog? Do you have long working hours? Does your dog hate being alone? Here at Sniffles Dog Grooming Spa we’ll look after your pet for you in a supervised and safe environment in our double-gated, designated dog day care area.

Your dog can play with toys made from 100% natural biodegradable materials or relax in a bed made from non-harmful, eco-friendly materials, so they will be fine, even if they have a little chew. And if your dog needs feeding, they’ll get the best: we only serve Lily’s Kitchen natural, organic dog food.

Sniffles dog day care rates

You can arrange dog day care from 10am until 6pm Monday to Saturday
• Half day = 4 hours: £10
• Between 4-6 hours: £15
• Full day = 8 hours: £20
Pre-pay for 7 days and get one day free