Dog grooming North London

Looking good and feeling fine

At Sniffles Dog Grooming Spa our expert dog groomers will do everything they can to make the grooming experience easy and relaxing for your dog. Skilled in all dog breeds, they will work to your specifications. If you’re unsure what you want, they’ll discuss styles with you, so you won’t be surprised by the final furcut. We keep records of all our canine clients, so if you want a certain style each time, we’ll know what to do without further instruction. We use all natural products for dog washing and grooming, as the wellbeing of your dog and their skin condition is just as important as how they look.

Full groom

We start with a pre-groom consultation where we discuss your requirements and make suggestions. The full dog groom service includes: 
• Brush-out
• Shampoo
• Blow dry
• Hair cut
• Teeth cleaning
• Ear cleaning and trimming
• Gland expression
• Nail clip
• Facial scrub

Wash and brush

For when your dog needs a bit of a spruce-up but doesn’t really need a haircut. 
• Shampoo 
• Blow dry
• Brush
• Mouthwash

Individual services

For when your dog needs just one or two things doing, but is already clean and tidy.
• Nail cut
• Sanitary trim
• Gland expression
• Flea wash
• Facial trim
• Ear plucking and cleansing

Hand stripping

Available for all wire-haired or rough-coated dogs, such as border terriers. It involves removing the dead outer coat by hand, rather than using clippers, allowing a new wire coat to grow in.

It doesn’t hurt the dog as wire hair is not attached like our own hair or the coats of many other breeds. In fact, many dogs enjoy it

Sniffles dog grooming rates

Please note: Our dog grooming prices may vary based on the overall size and temperament of your pet, the condition and length of its coat, as well as the specific treatments that either you’re requesting or we’re recommending. We’ll give you a professional consultation when you arrive for your dog's  first grooming appointment.

If your dog's coat is matted, you will be charged extra for de-matting, according to the length of time taken.