Dog walking, dog grooming and dog care North London

A family run dog care business North London

Have you seen the movie We Bought A Zoo? Well, Sniffles Dog Grooming Spa is like that. Except we bought a dog grooming, dog walking and dog supplies business in North London. It started when Donika, a trained accountant, went into the shop to help her sister, the spa's receptionist, do the company bookkeeping. She only spent a day in there, but knew that this was what she wanted to do for a living. And when the kids met some of the four-pawed guests, the whole family was hooked. So we jumped at the opportunity to buy Sniffles and turn it into the family business we'd always dreamed of.

We have brought in amazing new dog groomers, who have experience with every dog breed and style of cut. We always hire dog-lovers that our dogs love, because at Sniffles, our dogs help conduct the interviews. We've redesigned and refurbished the space, so now it’s fun and functional to work in, something we’ve noticed the dogs appreciate too. We know what kind of place we would want to look after our dog, so that's the kind of place we provide for your dog. Don’t just think of us as a dog grooming, dog walking and dog day care service, think of us as your dog’s home from home.

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